Custom doors beautifully hand-crafted by Bill Pyke

Fine woodworking Nova Scotia

custom deck with tempered glass
This custom mahogany door with sidelight replaces a door with two sidelights. By cutting back one of the side features, Nova Scotia builder Bill Pyke was able to build a 56" door. As well, the re-build included removing a wrought iron railing; building a cedar and pine deck with custom railings and posts over concrete steps, a second deck above the carport with railings and 3/8 inch tempered glass. "It worked out pretty well," Bill says of the Metro Halifax project. (Bill Pyke photo)
mahogany custom church doors custom mahogany church doors
These doors were constructed for Bridgewater United Church to replace standard production doors. Bill Pyke used Mahogany with the inset design of the cross made of Cherry for contrast. The glass is dark bronze to match the tone and depth of the doors. All the hardware is brass including the panic bars required by fire code. Doors do not have to be ugly to meet current safety standards!
beautiful church doors 56 inch door entry city house entryway
Three recent Bill Pyke projects in Halifax Region, from left: This is the centre of the four-door, main entryway to St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Halifax. Bill refinished the frame, built its two new oak doors and another pair, one on each side. As well, he is refinishing or replacing the other six exterior doors. This is a follow-up project - see Bill's original St. Thomas Aquinas works by clicking mahogany rose windows.
The second photo, taken in Bedford, shows the first set of two doors - the interior set opens into the foyer. The exterior set uses clear glass, the interior pinhead glass. "It works well as an entranceway," says Bill.
The third, mahogany door is in Dartmouth. By opening the sidelight and the door the entryway measures 56 inches! Bill Pyke photos
Nova Scotia stained glass door
custom doors Halifax

Robin Pyke photo

Bill Pyke's specialties include beautiful custom doors.

Photo left: This main entry, pine door by Bill Pyke features stained glass supplied by the homeowner from his 200-year-old family home in England. Bill also built other solid doors for the Lunenburg house.

mahogany custom door exterior mahogany custom door interior

This custom mahogany door with sidelight replaces a door with two sidelights. By cutting back one of the side features, Bill was able to build a 44" door.

hardwood door by Bill Pyke
This collection is of a fabulous white oak entry system built by Bill Pyke. The colour red presents significant challenges to outdoor finishes. Bill meets the challenge with his triple formula process. "It's good without fading for at least 10 years," he says. "And that's on the south side of the house where there's lots of sun."
custom storm door made for halifax home nova scotia custom door detail
Bill Pyke custom door doctors office custom entryway
From left, handsome matching doors and the cherry wood entrance to Halifax Chiropractic Clinic.
Bill Pyke custom door Bill Pyke custom door
From left, a handsome curly red birch entryway, stained and lacquered with polyurethane. The door jam is pine with a white oak sill (white oak for strength and durability). The second door and jam was made out of cherry cut from the home owner's house lot. The three-inch thick door weighs in at 250 pounds and has a natural oil finish.
Bill Pyke custom door Bill Pyke double doors Bill Pyke stairway
These three Bill Pyke custom doors were built 25 years ago, using, from left: pine, redwood and mahogany.
Bill Pyke double doors custom door halifax

Bill Pyke is flanked by 10 pine doors eight feet tall. All have exterior storm doors. With door windows, Bill always uses tempered glass or at the very least, six ml glass. This project definitely called for tempered glass. The dimensions of the doors and the location of the house demand dependable strength. "Kingsburg invented wind," says Bill with a smile.